Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cinnamon Pecan Bread

Remember how I said I was trying to eat healthier? Um, I swear I am trying! I always find an excuse to make something sweet -- band concerts, bake sales, friends visiting, etc. I even read a dessert cookbook today while I tried to watch The X-Files. I know, I have issues.

Do you also remember when I made this bread? I remade it except this time with added chopped pecans. I also baked it for a bit longer. I think I kept it in the oven for 10 more minutes this time around.

Whoaaa this bread didn't last very long in my apartment. Although I gave quite a bit of it away, I ate way too much of it myself. I highly suggest making this! I will warn you though... this bread is anything but healthy. Not only is it unhealthy and scrumptious, it's also ridiculously easy to make. I suggest if you're on a diet or trying to eat healthy like I am to take a break from it to make this bread and devour it.

I want to take a moment out of ranting and raving about this cinnamon pecan bread to tell everyone to go out and buy Trader Joe's pizza dough. I normally make my own but theirs is so cheap and so yummy! I had pizza for dinner tonight with one of their herbed crusts topped with tomato sauce, spices, nutritional yeast, Daiya pepper-jack, lots of garlic, and green pepper. Yay for lazy weeknight dinners!

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