Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Michael and I had a great Christmas this year. Michael's brother, Jason, was in town during the holiday and his parents flew in on the 26th. We've been busy hanging out with all of them and showing them San Diego. It's been a blast! 

For Christmas morning, I made Michael, Jason, and I cinnamon rolls. Each one of these probably had enough calories to fulfill me for the entire day, but that's ok. It's the holidays and I am allowed to eat sweets! The only things I changed with the above recipe - the dough only needed to rise 45 minutes the first time around, I topped them with leftover eggnog icing (from this year's batch of eggnog cupcakes) instead of the cream cheese icing that's recommended, and I also sprinkled some chopped pecans on top before baking.

These cinnamon rolls were probably the best I have ever eaten -- seriously!

Michael surprised me with a dehydrator for Christmas. I can't wait to experiment with it!! He also surprised me with some delicious vegan treats in my stocking. Funny enough, we both got each other these adorable Sweet & Sara marshmallow snowmen...

It's been a non-stop, adventurous, and sugar-filled Christmas. I loved every second of it but I am anxious for the new year!

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