Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easy Baked Potato Wedges

As much as I love fried foods, I've really been trying to stay away from them. Michael and I were doing a really good job of staying away from potatoes in general but picked up a bag when we were short on money a couple weeks ago. Potatoes are cheap, last a long time, and can be used in so many different ways. They're not the most healthy food out there but they sure are delicious! I made some easy potato wedges to go with the veggie burgers that we've been buying from Costco (which I highly recommend!). 

5 - 6 Potatoes
2 tbsp. Olive oil
toppings of choice. I chose a little salt, a lot of garlic powder, and a lot of cajun seasoning

- Scrub those potatoes! I like to keep a scrubbing brush under the sink specifically for potatoes. You especially want to do a good scrubbing if you plan on leaving the skins on. But hey, why peel the potatoes? The skin is the best part!
- Cut them into whatever shape you desire. I highly recommend wedges.

- Lay the potatoes out on cooling racks and pat dry with a towel. Let sit out to dry for 20 minutes or so.
- When the 20 minutes are up, preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
- Using a large mixing bowl, toss your potato wedges in your olive oil and seasonings. Make sure they are evenly coated -- you may want to do a couple potatoes at a time.
- Spread out your wedges onto a lightly greased cookie sheet in a single layer. Sprinkle more seasonings on top if you'd like!

- Bake for 25 minutes and then toss your potatoes. You want to make sure they're evenly cooked. Cook them for another 25 minutes or until golden in color.
- Using a spatula, place your wedges onto a plate with a towel or paper towels on top to absorb some of the oil. These will be hot so be careful!
- Once you're done waiting for these to cool off a bit, EAT UP!

I sure do love me some potato wedges. I didn't cook these very evenly because I really tried to cram a lot onto one cookie sheet. In any case, they were still crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The seasonings were amazing although they would've been even better, and possibly slightly healthy, with some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. They made a wonderful addition to the veggie burger!

As much as I love potatoes, I really think I need to lay off them for a while. We just got surf boards and will be hitting up the ocean sometime this week and I really need to get in shape! Hopefully you'll see more healthy recipes up here. Although... I did just make a delicious key lime pie today...

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