Monday, June 13, 2011

My Delicious Day: A Birthday Celebration!

This edition of My Delicious Day is brought to you by my Mom and Dad for giving birth to me. Michael and I celebrated my 24th birthday on Saturday pretty much all day long just spending time with each other. We woke up pretty early and went for a hike at Mission Trails. 

I brought along a bag of raw cashews, walnuts, pecans, and raisins. We weren't too hungry when we woke up so this was a nice snack/light breakfast for our hike.

After the hike, we arrived back at home and waited for my birthday cake to arrive. Michael had special ordered a vegan tiramisu cake (my favorite!!) through a local vegan baker, Tweets Sweets. It was supposed to be a surprise but when he found out that I had intentions of baking my own tiramisu cake, he had to ruin it. I don't blame him for telling me because I knew I would've gone and made my own. Anyway, the cake arrived and it looked DELICIOUS! We each ate a small piece then headed out the door.

I really wanted to do something for myself so I went and looked at a camera that someone was selling on Craigslist. I was able to get a Nikon D70S for $180! I am surely loving it thus far. What a great birthday present to myself!

I was pretty hungry by this point, so we stopped by our favorite bagel place and got a couple bags of day old bagels. We devoured an everything bagel each (not pictured). They really do have the best bagels! Yum.

I played around with my camera for a while and got this nice shot of our meyer lemon tree. Look at this little guy...

There are a lot of little lemons beginning to grow. I sure hope they aren't aborted!

Michael surprised me for my birthday and took me shopping! We went around to some local shops that I've been wanting to go to. He even had all of them mapped out and even knew which ones had sales! One of them had a huge sale going on and I was able to grab a couple items for only $15 total. So awesome. Ok ok... back to the food...

As we were waiting for pizza that Michael prepared to be done cooking, we snacked on some delicious fresh raspberries. Raspberries definitely don't last long here.

Look at this yummy pizza! Not sure what spices he put on there, but I know for a fact that he used Trader Joe's crust, Daiya pepper jack "cheese", and spinach. It was wonderful.

We headed off to a friend's house to celebrate his birthday. Michael snacked on some homemade hummus there (not pictured). There is nothing better on your birthday then to spend it with some friends just eating, laughing, and having a great time.

We left the party and headed to the movie theatre to see Thor. We took some of these as our movie snack...

Holy crap these are my favorite. I love when tasty treats are on sale! This makes me feel less guilty about buying them. By the way, Thor was awesome. Go see it.

We winded down with some lentil samosas and What Would You Do? on Hulu.

Such a great birthday. 

Just for kicks, let's see another picture of my cake...

I wish we hadn't finished the cake last night or I'd go get myself a piece right now. How very sad.

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