Thursday, April 28, 2011

Key Lime Sugar Cookies

As I promised in the last entry, here are some key lime sugar cookies I made for a bake sale that Michael's school was hosting! I used this recipe except I changed all the lemon ingredients to key lime. I also cut the sugar down to just 2/3 cup and topped with a key lime glaze (just key lime juice + powdered sugar) rather than roll the dough in sugar like traditional sugar cookies.

The cookies are THE BEST! Well, at least I think so. They are so moist! I made this batch bigger than what the recipe called for since I was making them for a bake sale, but usually I make them pretty small. They probably would've looked prettier if I had also topped them with a little zest. However, I used my juicer and the zest wasn't just the rind (it was the guts and all) so it wasn't exactly bright green and attractive. I guess it didn't matter how pretty they were because people bought them all up so quickly. I was really hoping there'd be extras but I guess it's good that there weren't since the money went toward supporting music in La Jolla schools. Anyway, I did make another batch. I couldn't resist.

In other non-food related news, we are learning how to surf! This is exciting but very difficult. It definitely requires some patience! We've gone out a few times but neither of us are able to stand up on our boards yet. I've been trying not to eat so many baked goods so that I can get in better shape for surfing purposes. Hopefully I'll be posting some healthier food up on here!

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