Monday, April 14, 2014

My India Travels and Eats, Day 3

 Day 3 in India started off an early one. We woke up at 3:30am in Kanha to get ready for our cab ride leaving at 4am for the Jabalpur airport. We were headed to Agra! Woohoo! We head up to the main building with our bags packed and no one is there. Uh oh. After calling the main guy at our resort a bunch of times, finally someone showed up, checked us out, and woke up the driver who was sleeping in the parking lot. We head out for a 4 1/2 hour cab ride in another direction from when we came in. We were able to sleep a little in the cab but it was so hard staying asleep when we passed so many neat looking villages.

We make it to the Jabalpur airport and I am huuungry at this point. Luckily we bring snacks -- fig bars, granola bars, and of course Starbursts. Let me just say a little about this airport. Oh man, this is the sketchiest airport I've ever been to. It's TINY with only one or two airlines leaving out of it. There was one gate with a set of double doors leading out to the runway.... that were left open. Security seemed a bit lax here but no one was acting out of line or anything. We end up boarding our flight right out on the runway (this was common for us in India) and left for Mumbai. Here we have a little bit of a layover before we leave for Agra so we have a little snack in the airport. Airport food isn't always the greatest but this was fairly good.

Masala dosa, samosas, and a vegetable puff.

We arrived in Agra around 6:00pm and took a cab to our hotel which is located right down the street from the eastern gate to the Taj Mahal. We finally got a glimpse of Agra! It's busy and some buildings are a bit modern which was nice to see. So much was going on in the city so it was a fun little ride to the hotel. We checked in, headed up to our room, and relaxed a bit. We had planned on seeing the city a little bit but went against it when we realized how tired we were. You'll see on the next post how we were definitely glad we didn't go out into the city.

I don't know what the deal was with that window but we sure had fun with it! We ended up on the rooftop of our hotel for dinner. It was lovely up there -- a view of the Taj with sitar and tabla players serenading the diners.

Honestly I can't even remember what we ordered. We ordered two different dishes off their vegetarian menu with roti and I also got a cup of daal on the side.

Both dishes were super tasty! Michael's had cashews and pineapple. Yum. We ate these pretty fast and headed to sleep. This was a very busy day of traveling and we were going to get up early to see the Taj the next morning. We couldn't wait! Not much action going on on day 3 here in India but day 4 is much more action packed. Keep an eye out for the next post!

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