Friday, December 9, 2011

Sick Darcy Cat + Thanksgiving

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! Michael's cat (well I guess she's sort of my adopted cat now), Darcy, became ill two days before Thanksgiving. We noticed that she was being extremely lethargic, not cleaning herself (which is very unusual for Darcy girl), not eating, and puking up this white foamy stuff. We immediately took her to the vet (a vegan vet!) in the area. She wasn't sure what was wrong with Darcy so she ran some blood tests. The tests came back the next day and they weren't promising -- she still didn't know exactly what was wrong with Darcy, only that her liver levels weren't where they were supposed to be. Since Darcy hadn't eaten all that day or the previous, our vet told us that we needed to take her to the ER that night. Our vet was closed Thanksgiving day and the day after, so poor Darcy stayed in the ER til Saturday. While there, they pumped her with fluids, performed an ultrasound, and gave her a bunch of vitamins and medicines.

Here she is at the ER on Thanksgiving day. Sweet thing was shivering like crazy. She hated it there...

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we took her over to our vet, where she stayed til last Friday. She was away from home for 9 days! While at the vet, they continued to pump her with fluids as well as hand feed her and give her even more medicine. Her liver levels kept going up so we needed to have a liver biopsy done. We found out last Thursday that she has feline hepatic lipidosis, or fatter liver. They're not really sure how she even got this since she is only 8 and, before getting sick, was in extremely good health. In any case, we were finally able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong and exactly what kind of medicine she needed to be taking. We brought her home and have been hand feeding her a high calorie food, vitamins, and liver medicine ever since. We feed her pretty much every 4 or 5 hours (or more frequent if we are home) and it's not an easy task. She hates getting food from a syringe but we need to build up strength in her liver. Slowly but surely she is getting better. 

I came home from work today and found our cute girl snuggled up in our blankets...

It's been pretty cold in our house and she does have a bare belly from the biopsy which makes her a bit colder than Murphy, her brother. We'll be taking her back to the vet sometime this next week and hopefully I'll have some more updates!

In the meantime, check out our awesome Thanksgiving! Darcy was in the ER this day, and we were almost sure we wouldn't be able to celebrate. They reassured us that she'd be ok where she was and would most likely be sleeping during the day, so we headed up to Downtown Disney. We walked around the hotels and checked out the Christmas decorations there.

Everything was beautiful! We love Disney so much and will take any chance we can get to sneak up there, if even to walk around the hotels!

We had reservations at 4:30 for Native Foods, who was hosting a vegan Thanksgiving buffet. They had the same buffet as last year, so we were pretty pumped. The Native Wellington is SO GOOD!

I also couldn't believe how amazing their pumpkin pie was (shown on the bottom of the photo). If I didn't fill up on other delicious food I probably would've eaten more than two pieces!

Their cornbread was the best I have ever had. It seriously melted in my mouth. Michael obviously felt the same way...

We were worried about Darcy during the whole Thanksgiving day, but I am sure glad we were able to get away. I love Native Foods, Disney, and Michael, so having all of them jammed packed into one day was pretty much awesome.

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