Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our New Garden!

Michael and I moved into a new place -- a house! With a patio! And a yard! Well, kind of a yard. It has a little strip of grass that's 3' x 16' with a small area at the end that's about 3' x 5'. We decided immediately that we wanted to put in a vegetable garden since it sits away from the rest of the patio and around the side of the house. Michael had to build the little grassy patch upwards due to the low quality of the soil there -- it was pretty much all clay and had bits of cement in it.

I started some of our little seedlings. We are growing (or at least trying to grow) brussel sprouts,  kale, collard greens, sweet onion, fava beans, and red potatoes. These are good for the winter here in San Diego so we are hoping they will take off soon!

As I am sure you read, we had two dwarf citrus trees at our apartment -- meyer lemon and a ruby red grapefruit. The previous tenant of our new house left four big plant pots at our place, so we knew we had to transplant our trees and get new ones for the remainder of the pots. We were going to have four citrus trees but Michael went to the nursery and came back with two instead of just one! In the picture, from left to right -- ruby red grapefruit, meyer lemon, moro blood orange, minneola tangelo, and kaffir lime. Hopefully we are going to have some delicious sorbets soon!

We were going to just put our compost bin on that 3' x 5' piece of land at the end but decided to put in a raspberry bush.

Of course it won't bear fruit until next summer since you have to trim it down to 6" after putting it into the ground. Here is Michael with his raspberry cuttings.

Here is our little tiny raspberry bush. Michael had one in Detroit and it pretty much took over, so I am sure it won't be too long until it takes over this spot.

We only JUST planted all of this, so I'll keep you all updated throughout the fall and winter on how our little vegetable and citrus babies are doing! Who else is gardening?

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